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Pink Mule

1000ml Pink-Mule Base Kit – Red Label PG70/VG30 – 0mg

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Pink Mule® bases are made from the best “raw materials” you can get. They all have a pure taste suitable for all liquid mixtures.
PG is Propylene Glycol and is one of the traditional 3 components of a smoking fluid. PG + VG (Vegetable Glycerin) + Aroma.
PG gives the most flavor and is a thin liquid (Black Label)
VG is Vegetable Glycerin that produces the most steam and is a viscous liquid (Blue Label)
Most use 50% PG and 50% VG and flavor to taste between 5-20%
Pink Mule does not add water to its fluids.

Please consult national regulations concerning the intended use. We will gladly help you assess the suitability of the product in your local market, if you tell us what is and what isn’t allowed.

Packing Details:
1pc – 1000ml 0mg

Red Label Extra is base that contains more PG than normal 70% and 30% VG as well as 1% Ethyl Maltol.

The extra PG (Propylene Glycol) gives a bit more neckline than usual and the Ethyl Maltole gives a nice but modest sweet touch.

Ethyl Maltol is a sweetener that tastes and smells of caramelized fruit.
This little touch especially gives your tobacco liquids an extra fullness.

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