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100ml Tropic King Berry Breeze

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Tropic King Berry Breeze E-liquid is a vibrant burst of mixed berry flavors that combines blackberry, blueberry, black currant and raspberry for a delicious vape that will make berry lovers rejoice! The sweet blueberry and black currant are perfectly balanced the tanginess of blackberry and raspberry for a perfectly balanced vapor with deep rich flavor that is sure to become a “must have” addition to your daily vaping line up.

Never before have so many delectable berry flavors been combined to create a premium ejuice blend that will excite your tastebuds like Berry Breeze. This delicious new e juice is destined to be your new all day vape. Tropic King E-Juice is manufactured by Dripmore (Candy King and Cookie King) so you know it’s good! Grab a 100ml bottle of Berry Breeze today and see why it is one of the top new e juices to hit the vape scene.

Ratio: VG70/PG30
Content: 100ml
Bottle Size: 120ml
Nicotine Space: 20ml

– Kindly add 20 ml. of your local tpd compliant nicotine boost into the bottle.
– Shake well for at least 5 minutes.
– We recommend to let it steep for 1 day before use.