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8Bit Heroes

10ml 8Bit Heroes – Brassbeard

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The taste of juicy lemons, complimented by sweet raspberries and customized with few mint leaves. The perfect balance between the sour and the sweet.

8Bit Heroes started in the early days of the history of steam, but it is only recently that these recipes have come to the steam stage.
A selection of high quality aroma concentrates. The long development process ensures that every single flavor has the right flavor from the first blend and several months later.

Packing Details:
1pc – 10ml – Pink-Mule 8Bit Heroes – Brassbeard

Mixing ratio:
50/50: 15% – VG: 20%

– SHOULD mature in my 1 week!
– Do not steam clean!
– Delivered in round clear 10ml PET bottles.

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