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Pink Mule

10ml Pink-Mule Chuff Town – R3fr3sh Strawberry

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Another nice fresh juice, with a bang on the sweet strawberry wing gum. A perfect combination

ChuffTown CPH is a subterranean fire, from the Morten Pay man behind the cops’ “Born Nögen”. With a background in the world of chefs, we have succeeded in making some completely amazing and special aromas / essences that have been thoroughly tested & refined. There is no compromise. The essences are so special that they contain between 8-14 different flavors, which makes them so unique. Most love them, some hate them. If there is something different in your sub-ohm tank or drip, then Chuff Town is the obvious choice.

Packing Details:
1pc – 10ml – Pink-Mule Chuff Town – R3fr3sh Strawberry

Suggested Mixing ratio of 70/30:
• 20% R3fr3sh Strawberry
• 10% PG
• 70% VG

10-20% according to the desired flavor strength.

Content: 10ml. Aroma.

Propylene Glycol. (PG)
Natural aroma.

– Should preferably mature for 1 week
– DO NOT steam clean – must be diluted
– Delivered in round clear 10ml PET bottles.

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