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10ml Pink-Mule Secrets Aroma – Milky Way

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The Milky Way’s stars hide in endless secrets. This aroma is one of the best.
If you want to mix sweet, custard-like liquids, you get here an aroma that exactly strikes the delicate balance between “sweet but not TOO sweet”. The secret is the sweet vanilla, the creamy cream and the fresh, ripe strawberries in perfect harmony.

Pink-mules “Secrets” aromas are based on selected natural aromas from the US, UK and EU. Everyone with the best “raw materials” we have been able to find, and with great love and respect for the good taste!
We have tested, tasted, smelled and steamed endlessly to make sure we could offer you a truly steamy experience.

Packing Details:
1pc – 10ml Pink-Mule Secrets Aroma – Milky Way

10-20% according to the desired flavor strength.

Content: 10ml. Aroma.

Propylene Glycol. (PG)
Natural aroma.

– Should preferably mature for 1 week)
– DO NOT steam clean – must be diluted
– Delivered in round clear 10ml PET bottles.

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