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Pink Mule

500ml Pink-Mule Base Kit – Red Label PG70/VG30 – 0mg

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Pink Mule® bases are made from the best “raw materials” you can get. They all have a pure taste suitable for all liquid mixtures.
PG is Propylene Glycol and is one of the traditional 3 components of a smoking fluid. PG + VG (Vegetable Glycerin) + Aroma.
PG gives the most flavor and is a thin liquid (Black Label)
VG is Vegetable Glycerin that produces the most steam and is a viscous liquid (Blue Label)
Most use 50% PG and 50% VG and flavor to taste between 5-20%
Pink Mule does not add water to its fluids.

Packing Details:
1pc – 500ml 0mg

Red Label Extra is base that contains more PG than normal 70% and 30% VG as well as 1% Ethyl Maltol.

The extra PG (Propylene Glycol) gives a bit more neckline than usual and the Ethyl Maltole gives a nice but modest sweet touch.

Ethyl Maltol is a sweetener that tastes and smells of caramelized fruit.
This little touch especially gives your tobacco liquids an extra fullness.

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