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Black Premium Mix Bottle – 30ml

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The ‘Premium Mix Bottle’ makes mixing your own liquid very easy! Equipped with the new twist tip, that is removed by simply turning it anti-clockwise, leaving a hole in the bottle lid for you to easy add flavor concentrate and nicotine base.

The “BLACK” Premium Mix Bottle is a 60ml. bottle pre-filled with 30ml. of the highest grade premium VG. The ‘Premium Mix Bottle’ has a marked area for you to add your own label and a white area for you to note your mixing date and mix name.

The Premium Mix Bottle’ is also used by mixologists for fast and easy mixing newly arrived flavors, or used unmixed as 100%VG for cloud competitions or vape tricks.

VG: 100%
Content: 30ml
Bottle: 60ml
Possible max nicotine strength: 6mg

– To make 50ml in 3mg
Add: 10ml Concentrate and 10ml 15mg Nicotine base.

– To make 60ml. in 6mg.
Add: 10ml Concentrate and 20ml 18mg Nicotine base.


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