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Council of Vapor (CoV)

CoV The Royal Hunter

DKK 162.62



We introduce the champion of cloud and flavor chasing – the CoV The Royal Hunter. With a clean look and simplistic design of the Royal Hunter packs a whole lot of cloud creation from a larger than life atomizer. Culture burned from the bottoms of the earth created the matte finish that you see on the Royal Hunter. Don’t let the beauty in its design disguise the potential it contains. With its high flow wide bore drip tip – its unlike any other drip tip you’ve seen.

Attention: This is a RDA dripping tank without juice capacity and is meant for Experts only.

1. Material: Black Matte and Brass/Stainless Steel
2. Size (mm): Dia-22 x – Ht-24
3. 20 gauge wire+
4. 4 Digit Serial

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