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Big Mouth

Fruit Juice

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Fruit Juice – Do you crave for a summer burst? Do you love a cold, fresh drink on a hot, dry day? Not a problem. This fruity mix filled with tasteful grapes, juicy raspberries, sour oranges, bitter lemon and some selected cherries will fulfill any of your needs. One puff and your day is refreshed.

Packing Details:
10ml Flavor for DIY
30ml Flavor for DIY
30ml Empty Mixing Bottle

Flavor Concentrate:
Excellent Quality Taste
Big Mouth concentrate is made from PG base
Flavor Concentrate should be mixed with PG/VG base
Recommended for All Tanks
Bottles with Child-Resistant Dropper Caps

– With a base 70/30 of PG / VG: 8%
– With a base 50/50 of PG / VG: 10%
– With a base 30/70 of PG / VG: 12%
– With a Full VG base: 15%

Recommended steeping time: 3-7 days.

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