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1L Nicotine Base Kit

Nicotine Base Budget kit for 1L of 18mg/ml in PG30/VG70 – Denmark

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The kit contains:
100 x 10ml flasks of Nicotine Base PG50/VG50 18mg/ml (EC-ID 00219-17-09447)
1L flask with 0ml PG30/VG70

Now you can add all 10ml flasks to the 1L flask to obtain 1L of 18mg/ml nicotine in 1L PG30/VG70.

Only the highest quality ingredients go into every bottle of our Nicotine BaseTM. We use one of the purest nicotine available worldwide and dilute it with top quality, highest purity pharmaceutical propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

The 1L kits are available in PG50/VG50 and PG30/VG70 from 3mg/ml up to 18mg/ml. The result will be 1L of unflavored Nicotine BaseTM – simply add flavoring of your choice to receive a ready to vape bulk e-liquid.