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SHAKE N VAPE – Crazy Candies – Golden Orange

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From far away, a truly rich orange just for your day that has everything that a person needs for his special day.

There are a lot of fruits for you to choose, there are plenty of oranges all around the globe, there are juices that you think that are good. After this juice will get in your vaping device, all earlier statements will be denied forever. The perfect and the only juicy, fresh, newly picked golden orange is now available only in our assortment. Warning!Limited quantity. So grab them as fast as you can.

Storage: Protect from bright light and high temperatures.
To be diluted before use. Flavor concentrate to be only used in e-liquid. Do not ingest directly. May contain traces of nuts.

Natural and artificial Flavorings. Flavorings produced from ingredients approved in food industry.

Packing Details:
Package consist of bottle with 60ml capacity pre-filled with 50ml and a two extra bottle of pure vg and freezing effect with 10ml each, a total of 70ml.

– Not to be sold to or used by person under the age of 18 years.
– Use only as directed.
– Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Content: 50ml
Bottle Size: 60ml
Nicotine Space: 10ml

– You need to add 1 pcs 18mg Nicotine Base to acheive 3mg.