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Silicone Case for iStick 100W Battery

DKK 19.23



Silicone Case for iStick 100W Battery, is made of high quality silicone rubber. It feels good in hand and will provide a good protection for your iStick 100W battery.

Colors: Black and White


– If you experience any leaking form your atomizer, make sure to check and clean any e-juice that may be gotten between your iStick 100W and the iStick100W Silicone case.

– Materials is made out of silicon thcat is it would be best to keep this away from fire.

– Please keep out of the reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing.

Shipping Restriction:
Due to exclusive distributor of JoyeTech, Eleaf and Wismec, we do not send these products to customers in UK, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

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