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Supreme Vapors

Custard – 120ml

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Longfill Shake’N Vape E-liquid, it just needs to be mixed together with base, and nicotine and then it is ready for use in your e-cigarette.

Flavor profile:
Custard from Supreme Vapors tastes of sweet full vanilla custard, perhaps not the world’s best, but arguable the best in Denmark! You have got to try this one, if you are even the slightest fan of vanilla, this right here is the King!


Nicotine: 0mg

Bottle Size: 120ml

Content: 20ml

Kindly add 20ml TDP 18mg Nicotine Base and 80ml 0mg PG/VG Base to achieve 3mg/ml Nicotine Strength.
Kindly add 40ml TDP 18mg Nicotine Base and 60ml 0mg PG/VG Base to achieve 6mg/ml Nicotine Strength.