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Crafted Premium Concentrates

The Custard – 100ml

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Different vanilla flavors come together with the taste of both traditional and modern custard to create the core of the flavor. Carefully chosen nuances like caramel fudge, white chocolate, light cream and hazelnuts braised with brown sugar together with subtle notes of sweet lemon are just some of the many flavors used as a treat for your throat. The result is a luxurious and full bodied vanilla custard, destined to satisfy your every gourmet dessert cravings.

Prominent flavors: Vanilla pudding, Caramel Cream, Hazelnut, White Chocolate and notes of Lemon and Brown Sugar.

Capacity: 100ml

– Recommended dilute ratio when using a 70%VG / 30%PG Base: 20% Concentrate.
– Recommended minimum maturing time: 21 Days.


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