USB Charger for e-Cigarette – w/ Cord

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Aspire USB charger (with cord) for e-cigarettes is the exclusive e-cigarette USB charger for Aspire CF batteries. Two output types available: 420mA/500mA and1000mA.

• Input: DC 5V
• Output: DC 4.2V, 420mA/500mA, 1000mA (we send 420mA and 500mA randomly)

– It comes with 510 thread.
– We send 420mA and 500mA randomly.
– Especially designed for Aspire CF battery.
– It’s highly recommended to fully charge the battery before you remove the battery from charger.
– There is CE mark on the Aspire charger.

Shipping Restriction: Due to exclusive distributor of Aspire, we will NOT send Aspire products to customers in Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, UK, Belgium and Netherlands.

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