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Wire Box with Six Roll Wires

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UD Wire Box with Six Roll Wires, is well designed for vapors, with 6 kinds of wires. That is to say, six dreams come true with one box. You deserve to owe it. Just pull the wires out through holes in the box while keeping the rolls in place.

Packing Details:
1pc – Wire Box
6pcs – Roll Wires

• Size: Size:120 x 55 x 50mm
• Coil Material:
1. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (26GA)
2. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (28GA*3)
3. Black coil roll: DIY Kanthal A1 Wire (26GA +32GA)
4. Prasinous coil roll: DIY SS316L Wire (26GA )
5. Dark blue coil roll: DIY Ni200 Wire (26GA)
6. Cerulean coil roll: DIY Nichrome Wire (26GA)

1. Ready and easy to use.
2. Well wrapped.
3. High quality wire.
4. DIY friendly.


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