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The Hive Custard

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Smooth and luxurious vanilla custard with honey cream and notes of juicy lemon.

Produkt information:
• Flavor Boosted Premium
• Vapor Liquid
• Nicotine: 0 MG./ML.
• Bottle Capacity: 60ML.
• Bottle Contains: 40ML.

Product instructions:
1. Remove the aluminum capsule.
2. Add maximum 20ml. of VG/PG vapor liquid.
3. Insert the added dropper lid with a light press and close the bottle using the added colored lid, to press the dropper lid firm in to place.
4. Shake the bottle vigorously for about 1min.
5. The liquid is now ready to be enjoyed.

Try This:
Follow the instruction. But shake the bottle each day for a minimum of 6 days before enjoyed.

All our premium products mature in smaller batches for 14 days before they are bottled.

Example of use:
– Add 20ml. of 100% VG to achieve a 80VG / 20PG ratio.

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